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Fling is a members-only platform for crypto, blockchain and Defi tips, news, events, data & research. All of the required information is delivered in simple English within a 300 word limit. 

We Aim to be the No1 crypto education platform.
We deliver tips, news, events, data and research related to crypto currency. With this,we will be able to impact the financial lives of the people positively.

Satoshi Nakamoto's development of Bitcoin in 2009 has often been hailed as a radical development in the domain of money and currency.Cryptocurrency is set to be the next revolution in finance.Most people at first found it difficult to spot the ideal projects to invest in, to select the beneficial ones while dodging scams. We here at Fling offer a one-stop solution for all such scenarios.


A cryptocurrency is an encrypted decentralized digital currency that can be transferred from one individual to another.

Since the launch of Bitcoin, many players have joined the market. Aside from Bitcoin, the other top players are Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP). With many cryptocurrencies in the market, it is difficult for traders to choose which to trade. By now you know the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, whose $1 trillion-plus market value accounts for about half of all money invested in cryptocurrency. You may have also heard of Ethereum and Litecoin, which have gone more mainstream now that you can buy and sell them as easily as sending your friend a Venmo request for dinner.

But there are a ton of other cryptocurrencies — over 9,000 of them, according to CoinMarketCap.com — that you likely haven’t heard of, and more being mined every day.

Do you know?

What’s the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency? If you think it’s Bitcoin, which accounts for about 70% of all the digital-asset world’s market value, you’re probably wrong. It's Tether! Like this, you may have false or partial pieces of information, which will lead you to loss of capital. You need help and we are here to help.


A Litepaper is a shortened and concise version of a whitepaper, applicable to both technical and business whitepapers. It summarizes the contents of a whitepaper while maintaining the significant points of the whole document. This allows users to read the fundamentals of a project at a shorter time and gives them time to decide if they would proceed with checking the full whitepaper.

The Fling Vision

Fling was born with a simple yet powerful vision to be the greatest resource for the latest financial information on the internet. With Fling, we will strive to make a difference in the financial growth of the lives of the people.

You must know that Fling is an advice platform and not a cryptocurrency or an exchange. We never will do so.


The Problem Statement

It’s not a very difficult task to invest in cryptocurrency, thanks to the easy access available to crypto exchanges and deep penetration of the internet and smartphones. Technology has eased the access to digital currencies for potential investors.  With many cryptocurrencies in the market, it is difficult for traders to choose which to trade. The problem of decision is made harder by new market players touting their currencies as the next Bitcoin. Choosing which cryptocurrencies and altcoins to trade can be a daunting task. Sticking to the facts and not making emotional decisions will help you select the investment that will be right for you. Choosing the right cryptocurrency to invest in can lead to lucrative returns.

The Solution

We understand your pain, as we all were once like you, a beginner. We couldn't find a better crypto advisement platform so we decided to build one to help many as possible. Fling delivers premium investment guidance to millions of individual investors around the world. We assist people around the world to achieve their financial goals on a daily basis. By providing reliable data to analyze trends and growth to gain the edge over others. We here at Fling are a team of passionate crypto traders, experts, researchers, and analysts to assist you to meet this end.

The Fling Application

Fling provides free and premium investment guidance to millions of individual investors around the world. We help millions of people around the world achieve their financial goals every day.

We expect to launch the Fling Android and IOS applications by the Q4 of 2022.

Fling (FLG) Token

Name of Token: Fling

Max Supply: 20B

Currency Code (Ticker): FLG

Algorithm: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

BEP-20 is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20, the most common Ethereum token standard. It is like Ethereum’s ERC20 standard with a friendly standard to allow anyone to use digital currencies or tokens in the Binance Smart Chain. BEP-20 token transfers are fuelled with BNB. This provides an incentive for validators to include the transactions in the blockchain, as they’ll collect the BNB as a fee for their troubles. BSC is a dual chain architecture that allows all users to create dApps and other digital assets on the blockchain. It also guarantees fast trading with secure transactions. BSC runs parallel to Binance Chain. So, it enables tokens on the Binance blockchain to work effectively. As a result, all users benefit by enjoying cheap transaction fees with a massive ecosystem of millions of users.

Furthermore, the cross-chain DeFI mechanism increases all small contract interoperability. Binance ecosystem is very supportive, and it funds all bootstraps with various DeFI projects to keep all contracts eligible.

Token Usecase

  • Pay the subscription fee of Fling App. 

  • FLG tokens will be used to Pay any or all of the services and products offered by Fling App.

  • ​Fling tokens are used to reward content contributors, promoters and our customers. 


We don't offer any private or pre-sales as we prioritise fair distribution.
​Fling Tokens will be issued freely to those who join our pre-joining program.  We will list such FLG tokens on DEX exchanges and post that, our customers can transfer, sell, buy them. We also reserve some tokens to reward content contributors.


Fling will be launched in 3 phases:

Phase 1- Pre-Joining 
At this stage, we aim to raise funds for our initial operations. Our Customers can create an account with Fling and Opt for a pre-joining subscription package. With this pre-order method, we aim to gather funds to move this project forward and the customers will gain maximum benefits.


Our Customers will also get a Premium subscription of Fling up to 80% discount for a duration of 1 Year!
Free Fling Tokens. We issue SAFTs (Simple Agreement for Future Token) at this stage.

However, these funds are considered as donations and will be non-refundable. 

Phase 2- Launch
At this stage, we will launch the Fling Application and customers can download the app and start using the application.
Token Creation - FLG tokens also will be issued on Binance Smart Chain  (BEP-20 Tokens). We will simultaneously Keep on developing Fling App for a better version. In the meanwhile, we will start rewarding our content contributors.

Phase 3 - Growth
In this stage we will be doing our token Listing on DEX exchanges. 
Be the leading Crypto education platform.


Token Distribution

Max Supply: 20B

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